In today’s society, we put our bodies under so much daily stress -- we are chronically stiff, carry unnecessary tension, unknowingly hold our breath, have imbalances making us more susceptible to injury, or are stuck behind a desk all day and are lacking necessary movement that our bodies truly crave. 

My unique promise is to give back to our bodies that serve us every day through the power of the Gyrotonic Method. This method is a postural exercise system that re-educates the body to move with fluidity, ease and strength. Former dancer and creator of the work, Juliu Horvath, struggled with chronic pain as a result from his professional dance career, and thus created the Gyrotonic method to heal his injuries.

Although originating in the dance community, the Gyrotonic movement method is accessible to everyone.  This system gently and effectively works the entire body through spiraling, circular, and rhythmic movements with corresponding breathing patterns, and is designed to compliment whatever you love doing:

  • An athlete, looking to keep your craft at peak performance and decrease injury likelihood
  • An active parent needing to be active right alongside your energetic kids
  • The 9-5 worker with many hours in front of a computer looking to reconnect your mind and body and relieve the stress of the workweek
  • The gracefully aging population needing a low-impact exercise system to gently and effectively work their muscles
  • Anyone currently dealing with or recovering from an injury needing a tailored workout
  • Or anyone who’s just up for a solid challenge and an innovative approach to exercise! 

Its benefits, among many, include:

  • Increased mobility of the spine and joints
  • A stimulated and strengthened nervous system
  • Increased circulation through cardiovascular activity
  • Improved coordination, strength and flexibility
  • An overall sense of body and mind rejuvenation

While the Gyrotonic Method utilizes specialized equipment, the Gyrokinesis Method offers all the same benefits, is typically practiced in a group class setting, and only requires a stool, mat and you.

We tax our bodies every day, more than we realize. We need to give back to our bodies, strengthen our mind/body connection, and bring restoration to ourselves. The answer is through the Gyrotonic Method!