"Lauren Bastelli is a kind and caring kindred spirit.  She genuinely cares about the overall health and well-being of her clients.  Her presence always makes you feel comfortable.  You always know you are in safe hands when you are working with Lauren, as not everyone is capable of creating a safe space for you.

Lauren's loving patience and care is the reason I stuck with Gyrotonic training when I was ready to give up.  Other instructors made it overly complicated, frustrating and contradictory to what the method is intended to do. I was at the point I was ready to throw in the towel.  With her patience and kindness, she brought me back to a place to why I started this training in the first place.  She reminded me how healing and restorative this form of movement can really be with the right guidance.  I was able to make it through to the end and receive my certification.  Without her assistance, I am sure I would not have made it, especially in the time frame that I did.  

As a fellow fitness instructor, I have worked with many trainers throughout the years and no one compares to the level of professionalism, expertise and attention to detail that Lauren brings.  I highly recommend Lauren Bastelli.  Being able to train with her for as long as I did was a big blessing in my life. She is hands down one of the best Gyrotonic instructors out there.  If your goal is to truly understand the Gyrotonic method and have it restore your mind, body an soul, then Lauren is the one for you!"

- Lily Martin

Lauren R. Lavan

"My Gyrotonic experience with Lauren has been a true gift. Self care for all of us is important all through life, but honestly, aches creep in more readily for me now that I am in my 50's. Lauren's approach comes through her experience as a dancer as well as her education in Gyro. Her belief in the Gyrotonic method is inspiring. This fluid system has lengthened my very tight body, all while strengthening my weaker areas. My back spasms have been few, my spine longer, my knees happier and all due to the one on one attention Lauren provides. In terms of personality, she is warm and sweet, and there is no doubt I would highly recommend her services. She is a gem." 

- Laura R. Lavan

"I have been taking private GYROTONIC lessons with Lauren for over a year. She is passionate and knowledgeable about this exercise system and the body. She is also a wonderful teacher; calm, mindful and focused. Prior to working with Lauren I had severe knee pain. My pain was so severe I had trouble walking more than 15 minutes. After working with Lauren, however, my knee pain started to ease. I can now walk over 5 miles without pain. I also have degenerative spinal stenosis. Since working with Lauren, my posture is not only better, but my lower back has more movement. Lauren always checks before our sessions to see if I am having any issues with my knees or back. If so, she modifies the lesson to address these issues. I am very grateful I have the opportunity to work with Lauren. She is not only a trainer but a healer and very committed to her clients."

- Katie

Shanna Tyler

"I absolutely loved Lauren's three session introductory pack. My experience with her was filled with clear instruction, constructive feedback, and occasional laughter. Lauren has a way of teaching that made it so easy to understand the Gyrotonic system and to feel its benefits. It was my first time ever practicing the method, and I felt relaxed after each session. I will be coming back for her group classes as I feel like I can now grasp the basics!" 

- Shanna Tyler